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Join one of the most popular free rummy online games in India with more tables, more freeroll tournaments, and more players to challenge than ever! Whether you prefer Points rummy or Pool rummy games, Bunga365 is your home for authentic play.

Bunga365 Rummy Features

Bunga365.com is the ultimate platform for playing Indian rummy card games online. Which makes us one of the leading online rummy card games that portals in India.

▶️ Pool rummy game is an exciting variation of 13 rummy cards. There is a fixed entry fee that each player must pay to play rummy pool. In Bunga365 players are eliminated once their accumulated scores reach the maximum point limit at the rummy game table: 101 points or 201 points. The winner of each rummy deal gets zero points and wins the prize pool. Play pool rummy online now at Bunga365.com!

▶️ Point’s Rummy game is the fastest way to Indian Rummy. Each game lasts only 1 offer. In Rummy Points, players play for points that have a default value of rupees. A winner wins all the cash at the end of each rummy game.

▶️ One-Shot Rummy – One-Shot rummy, or Deals Rummy, is another name for the Better of 1 online rummy game format. Players wager a predetermined amount of money to decide which rummy online game is completed in a single deal. A one-shot online rummy game is best used as a filler rummy game, in case there is time to wait to join your desired rummy game table.

▶️ 4/6 and 6/6 Tables – In the lobby, you may see the << 4/6 >> symbol next to the gaming table in certain configurations. This setting is a unique game format, developed by Bunga365, for the billiard game format in rummy.

▶️ Pool Rummy Late Entry: Bunga365 is the first online rummy gaming site in the country, and possibly the world, to launch the most popular late entry feature in the pool rummy online game format. Just look for the <> symbol in the lobby next to the gaming table. When you see this symbol, it means that this is a table in the Pool rummy format where late entry is allowed.

▶️ Anonymous Tables – Bunga365 is the first online rummy gaming website in India to offer this unique rummy gaming table feature where players can play certain betting tables anonymously with other rummy players. This gives players a unique rummy game opportunity to challenge themselves, play against players whose style of play is unknown to them, and develop a more scientific view of the game of rummy.

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